Multi Channel E-com

Multi-Channel E-commerce Distribution 

I approached a camera e-commerce store (who wish to be unnamed) to open a store on a different channel.

I explained to them that their competitors had a similar setup on the same platform and that I knew they were a lot better and could increase profits without much effort. I explained the whole process and how simple it was and that I would set the whole thing up from scratch. Two years later the total sales generated an extra £500,000+ in revenue directly from the channel I created.

 Which Distribution Channel?

eBay, as their main competitors were already selling there (with stealth accounts) eBay at the time of writing is the second-largest marketplace (behind Amazon) so there was already a ton of traffic. 

There was stiff competition so selling a decent amount each month wasn’t guaranteed. To get around this I did as much digging as possible on their target market to find the pain points of the customers and see how these pains could be elevated. I also requested a small discount from the camera store to give the customers an added incentive. This was great since some of the cameras we sold cost nearly £4,000. 

Did I know it Would Work?

Well, I didn’t but I had a few theories that it would, and did extensive research to back up my theories. I have been a customer of the camera store for many years before going into a partnership so I had a rough idea. Being a keen videographer and photographer, I already experienced firsthand all the usual customer pain points. 

But to be sure I went to all the places people in my target market would be online to read through reviews, comments forums to find pain points. I then compiled the most frequent pain points and used this in the copy and each product description. Youtube, Trustpilot, and Facebook groups turned out to be highly valuable sources for info about my niche. 


What was the outcome?

The store was an instant success, we did over 700+ sales over the course of two years the camera store owners we netting an extra 20-50k in revenue per month and I was a getting tidy sum for my troubles. Although we hardly had any reviews we made it clear in each product description to shoot down any pain points the customers were thinking about. We were essentially nullifying any objections the customers were thinking about before they even messaged us anything. 

There were a few downs but such as scammers but this accounted for less than 1% of all sales, the ups far outweighed the downs. I hired, vetted, and personally trained VA’s to run the store. Then to follow the companies ethos by delivering amazing customer service. I built an amazing relationship with the camera store owners and will be working together on future projects. 


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